Worcester Canal Wildlife Corridor November 2016

This website

A big part of the recent Worcester Canal wildlife Week was the setting up of this website. Please use it and share it. If you spot anything unusual or interesting like  a heron taking up residence near the viaduct or a migrant or a plant that has not been there before just make a note of it on the site. The more interested we are the more interesting it will become.

For instance, one thing that emerged during the week of monitoring is that there are pockets of wildlife habitat close to the canal which go largely ignored. The railway embankment is one. The brook  by Bilford bottom lock is another. Any  observations of wildlife here would be  really interesting.

Report on the wildlife week

The results of the wildlife week have now been collected. As well as the short report already shared there is a much fuller report  now being finalised. This will be the baseline for future work. It will also be the starting point for further work toward a wildlife corridor. We will keep you informed.


It is not a `one off`, to be really useful we need to keep recording our observations and build up an ever more accurate picture of what is there and when and how it is changing. Join with for an hour or two in the spring.

Joining with others

We can now take part in national wildlife monitoring events. Two to make a note of are:

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 28th – 30th January 2017

Big Butterfly Count Friday 14th July – Sunday 6th August

And Finally

There is less evidence of hedgehogs along the canal than we were expecting. We are hoping to do something about this soon..

Graham Fowler

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