Pump House Environment Centre
Over Easter we carried out a wildlife monitoring exercise along the canal from Sixways to Diglis. Barbourne brook is part of the same wildlife corridor. So on 1st September we are asking people to visit Gheluvelt park and tell us what they see. The details are on the flyer to […]

Worcester Canal Wildlife Corridor – Gheluvelt Park

Wildlife weekend 2018
First draft of results Note: This is a rough draft.  Only sightings of bird species have been included and no numbers of sightings of a species have been given. Also no distinction has yet been drawn between species seen on the canal and those seen in the parks and other […]

Wandering Wildlife – initial results

In recent years there has been a growing recognition of the vital role canals play as wildlife habitats. Each stretch of trees or reeds is a permanent pocket habitat in its own right. They are more than that though, they are wildlife corridors. Take Worcester. The canal runs through a […]

Diglis to Sixways Wildlife Survey: Easter 2018

This website A big part of the recent Worcester Canal wildlife Week was the setting up of this website. Please use it and share it. If you spot anything unusual or interesting like  a heron taking up residence near the viaduct or a migrant or a plant that has not been […]

Worcester Canal Wildlife Corridor November 2016

The Worcester Canal Group has never taken much in boats or locks or mooring rights. However, lots of us are very interested in local wildlife. Proof of this is in the really good work that has been done at the pocket parks by the viaduct and at the Blockhouse lock. We recognise that the […]

Worcester Canal Wildlife Week 12-19 September 2016